• Alcohol Or Not, You Decide

    Each delivery is packed with up to 8 cocktails worth of hard-to-find ingredients. You use your own alcohol or zero-alcohol spirits.

  • Less Waste, More Taste

    Don't let those Christmas gifts go to waste. You supply the key spirit and we send everything else through your letterbox.

  • Make It Your Way

    This is your opportunity to make the recipes yours. In every pack we'll show you how to make up to 10 different cocktails.

Try A Clink Club Day Pass

Test out a Clink Club membership, with a single one-off delivery.

Delivery Included
  • Just What You Need

    Grab the basics such as soda water and ice, we'll send you everything else.

  • The Postie Loves Us

    Our boxes slip right through your letterbox every month.

  • Choice Is King

    In each pack we'll include recipes to make up to a dozen different cocktails.

  • Alcohol Or Not

    All our recipes include an alcohol and non-alcohol version.

What is Clink Club?

Monthly, letterbox friendly deliveries.

Don't worry about missed deliveries, our recipe kits fit right through your letterbox.

Unique Cocktails, Familiar Spirits

Clink Club is about discovering new flavours and shaking up unique cocktails using spirits you already own.

Shake to your own taste

We're all about making cocktails the way you want to enjoy them. We send you the ingredients, but consider our recipes only a suggestion and adjust the recipe to suit your own taste

Cancel your membership anytime

We're sure that you'll want to stay, but you're free to cancel your Clink Club membership at any time, plus it can be done online.